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    Recomended way to build server and client with maven?

    Sverker Abrahamsson Novice

      I think this should be a FAQ as it's asked many times in the forum but I can't find any answers.

      What is the recommended way to build server and client side of a webservice for jbossws with maven2?

      To partly answer my own question, on the where I build my webservice with annotated classes, I added the following dependency to get it to work:


      However, I have not found a clear answer on how to generate the client side stub. I found two possible solutions:

      * Use the jaxws:wsimport maven goal. This use the wsimport tool from Sun RI. Is this method fully functional with JbossWS?

      * Use the wsconsume ant task with maven-antrun-plugin. Should work fine but is not a very "elegant" solution.

      Which is the best way, or is there another recommended way?