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    XML signatures as WS payload?

    Sven Staible Newbie


      we've implemented a web service that receives a xml structure as input, signs it (with XML-D-Sig) and returns it to the client.

      We found out however that during transport of the xml structure from the client to server (and also back), the whitespaces in the XML data partially stripped from the XML data. This of course makes the XML signature completely unusable.

      To embed the unsigned and signed XML structures into the SOAP-request/response we use the XmlAnyElement annotation (auto-generated JAX-WS2.0 class from the WSDL). So the XML structures are embedded directly as a sub node into the SOAP structure.

      We use JBoss 4.2.3.GA on the server and the respective JBoss client libraries on the client-side.

      Is this behaviour of JBoss normal? I'm quite new to web services, JAXB, JAX-WS and the like but I would expect embedded xml to be transported unmodified over the SOAP channel.

      Any help or explanation of this behaviour is highly appreciated.