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    Time to elect your best contributor


      As you probably see in the jboss.org homepage, the JBoss Community Leadership Awards votes have started.

      Here is the list of people I've proposed as they actively contributed to JBossWS (and related projects):

      * Peter Johnson for his forum activity in the issue/Jira category.
      * Stefano Maestri in New Feature category, for his past works on issues and the innovating efforts in JBossESB and JBoss Wise [1] which are related to and use JBossWS.

      It is time to show your love for contributors and sorry if you are not part of this list.

      Voting will end on January 30th 2009 and winners will be announced at the JBoss Virtual Experience [2], a web-based JBoss technology conference which will be held February 11th 2009. There is no charge for admission, but please advance register [3] if you'd like to attend.