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    JavaScript Error in Richfaces 3.2.0 and Jboss Portal

    srihari Prabaharan Newbie

      am using Richfaces 3.2.0 and Portal Bridge B2 version.
      I checked out the Latest Build from SVN for Richfaces-Demo with Jboss Portal.It is working fine with no isssues.

      The example had a basic Richfaces Echo Project with the script loading and Style loading stratergies made to 'NONE' in web.xml.

      But if i use the same some times the script files does not get loaded in the Portal environement.

      Then i used the script and style loading stratergies to ALL and made javascript compression to false.

      If i call a ajax request most of the times the script files does not get loaded. and if i refresh the page. the script files get loaded. What is the solution for this.