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    Propagate an attachment when using JBossWS as service proxy

    Jorge Morales Master

      I know that probably the name of the topic is misleading, but my english is not as good as I would like.
      I'm using JBossWS native 3.0.4 to make a service that acts as a proxy to access the same service in another server, but performing some policies.
      I want to proxy a service that supports attachments, and I have made an northbound handler to get the attachment, and then setting the attachment in a southbound handler. The problem is how can I propagate this attachment from the northbound hadler to the southbound handler. I know probably this has nothing to do with JBossWS, but probably you people using JBossWS has had this same issue before.
      I'm thinking of something like a Context that can be attached in the northbound, with the attachment, and freeing it in the southbound handler if message is propagated, or in the northbound handler if an error has ocurred before getting to this handler.