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    JAXB Annotations are beeing ignored

    Andre Rieck Newbie


      i've build a Web-Service enabled StatelessSession Bean with JAXB annotated classes as Result-Types.

      public class MyBusinessServiceBean implements MyBusinessInterface

      // from MyBusinessInterface
      public MyResultType getResult() {


      public class MyResultType implements Serializable {

      protected List myElements;

      ... getters and setters ...

      Unfortunately the JAXB-Annotations are ignored when
      generating the wsdl !
      I used wsprovide and also tried just to deploying the the EAR with the
      @WebService-annotated bean. In both cases the JAXB-Annotations
      do not seem to have any effect.
      I would very much appreciate any hint on what might be wrong here.

      Thanks a lot :-) !!