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    Richfaces 3.2.1 ?

    Alexander Zauner Newbie

      about two weeks ago I've just upgraded from RF 3.1 to RF 3.2.0 and realized
      that although it's offical published it's still quite buggy (e.g.: Uplad-bean, and some rendering problems);
      does anyone in the community know when the planed 3.2.1 version will be realised?

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          Sei Syvalta Newbie

          (I wrote about this to http://jira.jboss.org/jira/browse/RF-2915, but I think the forum is more appropriate for this.)

          Would it be possible to switch to similar JIRA usage as you have done with 3.1.x also with 3.2? I mean there would be version 3.2.x and you would assign from there to specific 3.2 version, like 3.2.1. So, for example, when you released 3.2, you would pick most severe issues to 3.2.1 and leave others in 3.2.x. When 3.2.1 is nearing release (or earlier), you would create 3.2.2 and start assigning issues there (but most issues would still be at 3.2.x). This would make JIRA much more usable, as now users have no idea which issues will be fixed in 3.2.1, as most of them will moved to 3.2.2 when release of 3.2.1 becomes nearer.

          This could also be used for upcoming versions. For example when 3.3 is becoming near and it's apparent that some issues won't be solved in it, they could be assigned to 3.3.x already before the release.

          Just a suggestion.

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            Klaus Viehböck Newbie


            I'm having similar problems, especially with that really cool file-upload component. I have found several entries in JIRA and in the JBoss forum, that exactely address my problems and that these bugs will be fixed in version 3.2.1.
            Unfortunately I haven't found any note about when 3.2.1. will be released. As far as I know already a snapshot exists, that contains some vital bugfixes.