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    Not able to build Jboss 3.0.5 Native from source

    Venu Kemthur Newbie

      I set the JDK home and the jboss home in the profiles in xml and ran - ant deploy-jboss423

      saaj module builds fine
      jaxrpc module builds fine
      jax-ws modules builds fine

      jax-ws-ext module throws the following error

      jbossws-native-src-dist/modules/jaxws-ext/src/main/java/javax/xml/ws/Service21.java:[145,36] delegate has private access in javax.xml.ws.Service

      jbossws-native-src-dist/modules/jaxws-ext/src/main/java/javax/xml/ws/Service21.java:[222,33] delegate has private access in javax.xml.ws.Service

      The delegate is referred in many other lines in the same source file and same message is printed for every such occurence.

      Is this a problem with the source?
      Or is it a problem with my settings? (I am new to maven)

      -- Venu