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    Accessing <entry> from SOAP Handler

    Gang Yang Newbie


      I'm trying to develop a generic SOAP handler that can be configured to use with different WebService services. I need to pass into the handler service specific config data, such as config file name.

      I tried to configure this generic handler with a Web-based WS service and defined the in web.xml. Even though I was not able to inject field into the handler class, I WAS able to look it up using JNDI.

      However, I could not do this with an EJB3-based WS service. I defined the in ejb-jar.xml. But I could not inject the field into the handler or the EJB bean itelf. Nor could I look it up using JNDI. I'm using JBoss 4.2.2 and I could not even see the resource in the JNDIView.

      Is this a bug? Does anyone have any more info or experience in this area?