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    Problem of getting asynchronous response

    zwz mycoy Newbie

      I'm getting started with JAX-WS, and get stuck with getting the asynchronous message response.
      The code:

      private void getStudentList(JAXWS ws) throws Exception{
      GetStudentListRequest request= new GetStudentListRequest();
      ws.getStuListAsync(request, new GetStudentListCallBack() );
      System.out.println("print immediately after call ws.");

      try {
      } catch (InterruptedException e) {

      private class GetStudentListCallBack implements javax.xml.ws.AsyncHandler{
      public void handleResponse(Response res) { System.out.println("test1"); try{
      }catch (Exception e) {

      When i run the code, i get "test1" and "test2" printed, but there's no result of res.get(), it seems that the "get()" method-call is blocked, but there's no exception.
      If i try "res.isDone()", i can get "true".
      I use jboss5.0.1
      Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot.