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    Cannot obtain fault type for elemet

    erahamim Newbie

      I have just migrate from jboss 4.0.5 to jboss 4.2.3.
      In the new jboss I'm getting the following warning on my web services:
      JAXRPCMetaDataBuilder - Cannot obtain fault type for element: {http://www.opentv.co.il}TriggerException.

      TriggerException is an exception that is thrown from a number of web services in a different packages.

      I found out that if I duplicate the exception class and place it in the package of each web service the warning stop.

      Is there any other way to do it?
      I have lots of web services but I want to use only single class.


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          erahamim Newbie

          Adding more details:

          My exception is:

          package com.company.Exceptions
          public class TriggerException extends Exception{
           private String msgName;
           public TriggerException() {
          public String getMsgName() {
           return msgName;
           public void setMsgName(String msgName) {
           this.msgName = msgName;

          My endpoint service (ejb 2.1)

          package com.company.rundownEx.ejb;
          public interface RundownEx extends Remote{
           Data getData(long Id) throws TriggerException, RemoteException;


          package com.company.rundownEx.ejb;
          public class RundownExBean implements SessionBean {
           public Data getData (long in) throws TriggerException{
           // do something
           catch(Exception rte){
           throw new TriggerException (); }

          My configuration xml for wstool:

           <service name="RundownExService" style="document" endpoint="com.company.rundownEx.ejb.RundownEx" />
           <namespaces target-namespace="http://www.opentv.co.il" type-namespace="http://www.opentv.co.il/types" />
           <mapping file="RundownEx-mapping.xml"/>
           <webservices ejb-link="RundownExService" append="true"/>

          When I try to generate client with eclipse I'm getting the following error:

          Error in generating Java from WSDL: java.io.IOException: Element {http://www.opentv.co.il}TriggerException is referenced but not defined.
          java.io.IOException: Element {http://www.opentv.co.il}TriggerException is referenced but not defined.

          Can anyone help?