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    wsprovide & packages with multiple services

    Paul McKeown Newbie

      Hi all, I've been searching the forums and not been able to find any posts regarding this issue and I'm new to JBoss so apologies if this has been previously covered.

      I'm attempting to expose the business layer of our application as Web Services. As the business layer has already been written, and is used by other parts of the application, one of the requirements of this project is that it doesn't change, so I'm tasked with only using annotations to mark up our code, to create the Web Services.

      However, I'm running into an issue when I expose 2 services in the same package. ServiceX and ServiceY both have a create() method that take an XTransferObject and a YTransferObject as parameters. However, when the wsdl and proxy classes are created by wsprovide, the first service's generated code (com.mypackage.jaxws.Create.java) is being overwritten by the second service's generated code as both method's are named the same.

      My question is, is there any way to easily alter the code generated by wsprovide, so that it either

      a) names the created classes using both the class and method names, i.e.
      com.mypackage.jaxws.ServiceX_Create.java and com.mypackage.jaxws.ServiceY_Create.java


      b) names the package using the annotated class name, such as com.mypackage.servicex instead of com.mypackage.jaxws


      c) something else....

      Any help would be greatly appreciated.