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    Cannot obtain endpoint meta data when accessing web service

    Randy Brandenburg Newbie

      Having an issue getting my web service to work.

      I installed JBossWS 3.1.0 GA into my server (bundled JBoss AS 4.2.3 / JBoss Portal 2.7.2) and deployed a web service using JBoss Dev Studio 2.0.0.CR2. The web service implementation has one method that takes a string and returns a string (nothing fancy). I used the JBoss tools to generate the web service from a WSDL. The packaged web service (J2EE EAR with web.xml updated to add a servlet/mapping) deploys without any errors.

      It shows up in the Registered Service Endpoint, but when I click on the link, I get an error stating IllegalStateException: Cannot obtain endpoint meta data and the browser shows the generic error that "XML must have a top level element" since it is an empty file.

      Are the above releases I am deploying to compatible? If not can someone point me to the correct combination? Or am I missing something? Any avenues to investigate would be appreciated.