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    Getting Soap Header from WebServiceContext's MessageContext

    Dhanush Gopinath Newbie


      I want to access some SOAP Header values inside the WebService when it is called.

      (I know I can use server side handlers fro this, but I do not want to use it as I want the header values for some application inside the web service)

      So I use the injection using WebServiceContext, and then get the SOAPMessageCotnext by

      SOAPMessageContext soapMsgContext = (SOAPMessageContext) context.getMessageContext();

      And then I get the SoapMessage and Soap Header
      SOAPEnvelope envelope = soapMessageContext.getMessage().getSOAPPart()
       SOAPHeader soapHeader = envelope.getHeader();
       // Extract All header elements.
       Iterator headerElements = soapHeader.extractAllHeaderElements();

      The Iterator headerElements, doesnt have any values in it.

      Why is this happening? Doesn't the WebServiceContext return the SoapHeaders.

      I checked the rest of the SOAP Message and Soap Body is having only the body elements, it doesn't have any values.

      Please let me know in case anyone of u faced the same problems