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    Statefull web service: how to configure inactivity timeout (

    Denis Petrunin Apprentice

      1) How statefull WS instances are released?
      2) How to perform custom actions (close resources) on statefull WS destroy?
      3) I know how to configure HTTP session timeout for web server but I don't know how to configure inactivity timeout for statefull WS. How can I do it? I would like to note that statefull WS can't be implemented as SFSB.

      I'm going to use JBoss5 with JBossWS Native 3.0.5.GA to implement statefull web service. I need statefull, because WS creates personified RMI session to third-party server for each WS client. I found an example how to use WS-Addressing to create statefull WS, but I don't understand some aspects.