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    Trouble mapping xsd to package in a binding file

    alka Singh Newbie

      In my web services implementation I have wsdl definition which are divided into three files for each service. For example a AAA service wsdl is defined by aaa_service.wsdl, aaa_interface.wsdl and aaa_types.xsd files. As the names suggest aaa_service.wsdl contains binding and port details, aaa_interface.wsdl contains types and messages information and aaa_types.xsd contains object definitions. Also aaa_interface.wsdl imports aaa_types.xsd, which intern gets imported by aaa_service.wsdl We are using wsconsume to generate artifacts for both client and server side. Having said that,
      1) If I create binding file to keep all the classes of aaa_types.xsd in common package I get the following error "aaa_types.xsd is not a part of this compilation.". Is there anyway I can resolve this problem without changing my wsdl?
      2) Is there a way I can generate client-side and server-side artifacts separately, like it is in wscompile?