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    [Urgent]:  EJBs and web services  in Jboss a/s 4.2.2 GA

    Veneet raina Newbie

      Hi all,

      I just wanted to ask for a help in a scenario that i am facing:

      I have a Application that relies on EJBs for Business Logic

      I basically use the Jboss A/s[4.2.2 GA] server for the same and now there is a need to Expose these bean methods through a web service
      so that our web team can make use of the same Business logic.

      Currently i have implemented a End point interface that my Bean class implements so that i can expose
      my bean methods to the web team

      I want to create a separate Enterprise Bean which resides in the same JVM as my Application bean , and acts as a wrapper for my application bean

      Further elaboration of the problem is as follows:

      THE existing Application beans Remote interface has all the business methods that i want to expose.

      The new bean should act as a delegate which intercepts the web clients call extracts the request from the call
      and passes it to the application bean methods.

      So this basically requires that new bean should be able to communicate with my application bean (Which is BTW a stateless session bean)
      and pass on clients requests to the same.

      Kindly provide suggestion for the same or any ideas as soon as possible

      thanks again