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    publish https endpoints for non-secure service behind ssl pr

    Mangesh Phadnis Newbie

      Running JBoss 4.3 EAP

      We need to be able to publish https endpoint/soap address locations for a web service behind an ssl proxy. If we declare the service as secure to do that, when a request comes in over ssl, the proxy terminates ssl and passes http to jboss which throws a redirect as it's not secure.

      If we publish as non-secure, we get http endpoints. if client accesses over http, the proxy throws a redirect to https (port 80 is not open). the soap client does not follow redirects as the http spec forbids automated clients to follow redirects on POST.

      So we basically need a way to publish secure urls while still declaring the service as non-secure.

      I tried setting below in jboss-beans.xml :


      This does not rewrite the protocol to https/443.