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    How to configure the wsdlLocation......

    Thomas Chang Apprentice

      Hi all,

      I programmed a WS and the WS-Client. I deployed both onto the same application server. This means they are local. From the client the web service can be access by "http://localhost:8080/myWS/myws?wsdl".

      But now I have to deploy these onto an instance on another application server. Since this server has more than one instances, so I can't use the "http://localhost:8080/myWS/myws?wsdl" any more but somewhat like: "http://ip-address:8080/myWS/myws?wsdl"

      My question: how can I configure the application server so that I can still use ""http://localhost:8080/myWS/myws?wsdl" from the client and the server will map this to "http://ip-address:8080/myWS/myws?wsdl"?