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    Can someone confirm this wsconsume ant task behavior?

    Ben Abernathy Newbie

      I'm using the version included with JBoss AS 5.1.0.GA and it appears the wsdl attribute is using the location of the build file as the base directory for the relative path instead of what is defined in the basedir attribute for the ant project.

      For example if I have the following ant build script located in a directory C:/myproject/build

      <project name="MyProject" basedir="../">
       <property environment="env"/>
       <path id="jboss.client.classpath">
       <fileset dir="${JBoss.client.lib}">
       <include name="**/*.jar"/>
       <taskdef name="wsconsume" classname="org.jboss.wsf.spi.tools.ant.WSConsumeTask" classpathref="jboss.client.classpath"/>
       <target name="generate-service">
       <wsconsume keep="true" package="com.whatever" destdir="build/gen" wsdl="build/tmpxml/MyProject.wsdl" verbose="true"/>

      It appears that wsconsume is looking for the wsdl in:

      instead of:

      Since the basedir on the project is set to: ../ I would expect it to look for the wsdl relative to one directory higher. In fact this is how even the destdir attribute works. The way the wsdl attribute references files seems to be different from destdir and most other ant tasks I've seen.

      Am I completely stupid and just missing something or does this not seem right?