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    how to define jboss-web.xml service-ref wsdl-override https

    Juergen H Newbie

      I inject a webservice into .war via web.xml service-ref element plus a service-ref element in WEB-INF/jboss-web.xml with an wsdl-override url.


      the wsdl-override url is https protocol.
      Reading the referenced wsdl file works if the server certificate is added to the global javax.net.ssl.truststore, or if http protocol is used.

      Is there a way inject/define a JaasSecurityDomain bean using a special keystore to be used for accessing the wsdl url (and NOT using global javax.net.ssl.truststore)?
      (similar to define a JaasSecurityDomain for DomainSocketFactory, or HTTPS tomcat connector)

      Futhermore, can the same JaasSecurityDomain be used when the webservice is consumed (probably by WSSE settings)?

      I guess the first has nothing to do with WSSE as parsing/resolving jboss-web.xml service-ref happens before any WSSE settings are applied.