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    Cannot deploy web service

    Eduardo Urias Newbie

      Hi everyone, I have a problem deploying a JAX web service.

      I created the web service on my computer using eclipse, I have no problem deploying it to JBoss locally.

      But now I need to deploy the same web service on the test server of my company, and I just cannot do it! I changed the wsdlsoap:address location from localhost, to the address of the test server, then I copied the EAR file to the deploy folder of JBoss on the test server, but the service is not available, The tomcat status shows an application with the name of my web service, but when I enter the address of my service, the following shows:

      AXIS error

      No service is available at this URL

      I just don't know what to do, and nobody here seems to know either, can you please help me.