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    Enabling HTTPS for runtime generated WSDL

    Alexandros Batzios Newbie


      I'm trying to enable HTTPS for WSDLs that are generated using the annotations in the java file, rather than through a static XML file. So, the application is just an ear file that is deployed on JBoss.

      I can do this via @WebContext(transportGuarantee="CONFIDENTIAL") but this means that we need to change the source code, check-in and rebuild, everytime we want to enable/disable HTTPS.

      I was wondering if its possible to do this through a web.xml file, that would work in parallel with the annotations in the source code, just for the transport-guarantee part. The problem is, this application is just an ear file, so it doesn't have it's own directory in JBoss with it's own config files. Is there anyway to do this?

      Thanks in advance,