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    CXF and Native issue with Encryptation (no wsu:Id for Body)

    Ciro Cavani Novice

      I was using Native for server (EJB) and client (Java SE / jax-ws dipatch mainly) with encryptation but without signing.

      Recently, I rewrote just the client with CXF using the same approach (dispatch), but an issue break me!

      Without signing, WSS4J (used by CXF for encrypting) didn't set 'wsu:Id' for 'body' tag and Native reject the message (in class RequireTargetableOperation).

      Commenting the test where Native require 'wsu:Id' in RequireTargetableOperation makes CXF encrypted message acceptable and correct.

      Using signing makes WSS4J set 'wsu:Id' for 'body' tag, so no issues this way.

      I don't know if this issue is a CXF (WSS4J) issue or a Native issue, but here seems to be the right place to report.

      (CXF 2.2.3 and Native 3.0.5/JBoss 4.2.3 or Native 3.1.2/JBoss 5.1)