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    Creating two difference WS-Eventing events in the same conte

    Earnest Dyke Novice

      Greetings all,

      As I understand the WS-Eventing section of the doc, I need to create a class that extends AbstractEventSourceEndpoint and one that extends AbstractSubscriptionManagerEndpoint for each event I want to define. The reason being that each event, presumably, has a different wsdl associated with it which defines the event message. I was able to implement a single event within a web context and am not trying to implement a second. However, when I look at the wsdls for the two events, the soap:address of the wsdl:port in the wsdl:service name="EventingService" for each points to the same location. I expected it to point to two difference addresses? Am I missing something or this the expected behavior? If the later, how do I register more than one event within the same web context with different wsdls?