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    Generating JBossWS SOAP/JMS document literal using wsconsume

    Herbert Quartel Newbie


      using wsconsume to generate the service works fine for SOAP/HTTP document/literal wsdls.

      However, I run into the problem that when I change the binding to use JMS the Service and interface classes are not generated.

      When I change from document to RPC style it works.

      I include the binding and service snippet of the WSDL.

      <wsdl:binding name="AuditLogServiceBinding" type="logs:AuditLogServicePortType">
       <soap:binding style="document" transport="http://www.example.org/2006/06/soap/bindings/JMS/"/>
       <wsdl:operation name="GetResponseMessage">
       <soap:operation soapAction="GetResponseMessage" style="document"/>
       <soap:body parts="GetResponseMessageRequest" use="literal"/>
       <soap:body parts="GetResponseMessageResponse" use="literal"/>
       <wsdl:operation name="LogMessage">
       <soap:operation soapAction="LogMessage" style="document"/>
       <soap:body parts="LogMessageRequest" use="literal"/>
       <wsdl:service name="AuditLogService">
       <wsdl:port name="AuditLogService" binding="logs:AuditLogServiceBinding">
       <soap:address location="jms://queue/AuditLogService?replyToName=queue/AuditLogServiceResponse"/>

      Is there anything I specified wrong that causes the problem? What should the transport definition be for JBossWS?

      Any help is greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance,