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    Consuming Web Services when WSDL access / UDDI discovery is

    Vimal Mayank Newbie

      One of the Vendors that we have, expose some .net web services end points but now prohibit access to WSDL via the ?WSDL mechanism as part of a their new security policy. Suddenly the code that used to work to consume their web services no longer works with this new security policy implementation. I have generated the web services stubs using wsconsume and using those stubs to make the calls. One of the thing that Service class does (From JBOSSWS which gets invoked by the generated Stubs) is to open an InputStream to WSDL URL which is now blocked and I get a FileNotFoundException and my process terminates and not able to invoke the business method on the endPoint.

      Is there a way around this problem or access to the WSDL URL is absolutely required where the web services are hosted?

      We have been using Jboss 4.2.1GA and the jbossws implementation that came with it. I am hoping that suggestion does not involve upgrading the JBOSS server to 5.X as we are not prepared to do that right now!