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    web services and virtual hosts (jbossws 3.0.5 on AS4.2.2)

    Brett Cave Newbie

      theres a few topics on this, and doesn't seem to be resolved yet, although jbossws-native 3.0.3 addressed the issue - is there perhaps a step missing, or is this an issue with a component other than just jbossws (ejb2.1 endpoints?)

      1) upgrade jboss to jbossws-native 3.0.5 and restart (all libs and the jbossws.sar updated in deploy)
      2) update libraries in my project classpath (ide and compile cp's) - specifically jbossws-spi.jar for the annotations (jaxb-api stays the same). recompile and redeploy project.


      <Host name="my.virtual.host"
       <Valve ... />

      The default "localhost" virtualhost is still configured, and listens on to all headers excluding the virtualhost aliases above.

      MyWSBean.java (seam 2.1.1):
      @WebContext(virtualHosts = {"my.virtual.host"}, contextRoot = "/services")
      @WebService(name="myWS", serviceName="myWS")
      public class MyWSBean {}

      See theres a few jira issues about this, assuming there is no working for jboss 4? (5.0.1 is resolved).