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    Bill Burke Master

      Quite honestly, if you're happy with Hibernate, continue to use hibernate. Our EJB 3.0 entity bean solution is a thin wrapper around HB3. For entities, we will plug in JBossCache directly into Hibernate to provide a cluster-wide transactional cache for entities. But...again...you can do this with Hibernate standalone.

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          Tolga Tarhan Newbie

          Any idea on the timeframe for clustering support w/ EJB3? The JBoss EJB3 page currently says that clustering is not supported...

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            Bill Burke Master

            Clustering is scheduled for the next preview release end of December.

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              Brian Newbie

              For those of us who do not use Hibernate and want to try to use ejb3 in a solution, the blobs question is still important. I would like to be able to store image files and other types of files using ejb3 and an example of its use would be fantastic. I believe that blobs are probably the answer here but I have never seen an example of how to do it. Is there a timescale for blob support? Also, I would recommend blobs as an example to possibly put up on the ejb3 tutorial if possible.