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    Specification Stability?

    Tolga Tarhan Newbie

      I've posed this question to the JSR-220 EG, but I'll ask here as well, especially considering that at least one member of the EG is on the JBoss team and monitoring these forums:

      EJB3 Expert Group:

      I work for a smaller company that likes the standards-based approach of using EJB?s, but until reading the EJB3 specification, generally considered the extra development effort hard to justify. With the simplification of EJB in the 3.0 specification, the idea of using EJB?s in our development is very attractive. In its current form, the specification meets almost all of our needs without burdening us with extra (and usually redundant) code.

      With that said, we?re considering starting the development of our next big project using the early draft specification of 3.0 w/ JBoss?s preview release of EJB3. The question for the expert group then, is: While I know you cannot generally recommend the use of a draft spec for production use, does the expert group consider this draft specification to be close-enough to the final specification document that you?d consider product development using the EJB3 specification acceptable? In other words, will the final specification differ significantly from the current draft release, or will it be reasonably close to the current draft? Along these same lines, when do you expect the next draft and/or final release of the specification?

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          Bill Burke Master

          I'm on the EG, and I'd say that the next draft due sometime before end of year should be pretty close to the final.

          After the 1st early draft, members of the JDO 2.0 specification moved to EJB 3.0 so there needed to be some time to consolidate their ideas.


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            Tolga Tarhan Newbie

            My fear is that we may start working w/ EJB3 based on the current draft and find out in Jan/Feb, when we're 70% done, that the specification is radically different. Small syntax changes don't matter -- but if, for example, the whole idea of detaching/merging entity beans might disappear, that would cause a significant challenge for us. So my question is more related to the conceptual-level idea of the draft. Is most of the EG on the same page with annotation-oriented configuration and Hibernate-based Entity Beans, or is some part of that likely to change?

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              Tolga Tarhan Newbie

              Here's a more important way to look at this: If the specification does change, does JBoss plan to support an easy migration bath from the preview release to the final release?

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                Bill Burke Master

                If you have a support contract with JBoss Inc., we will support any migration you need. If you need information, you know how to contact me.

                If you don't get a support contract, well...., you get what you pay for and are at the mercy of those who lurk on this forum answering your questions in a timely manner.

                All and all, we'll do our best to support EJB 3.0 on these forums as its important for overall adoption, but remember free software doesn't always mean free help.

                FYI, we'll be offering EJB 3.0 training sometime Q1 2005. We have multiple 24x7 support offerings and also do onsite training and consulting.


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                  Tolga Tarhan Newbie

                  Understood. My concern is mostly fueled by all of the comments I read online about EJB3. Some of the purists still have a problem with the implementation details in the early draft spec. I, personally, like the specification as-is. I'd hate to see the EG listen too much to purist extremists.

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                    Bill Burke Master

                    Well, Gavin King, Hibernate Creator, is on EG. I pretty much totally trust him to help steer the spec in the right direction.