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    @Basic (i.e., I don't want my getter to have an entity assoc

    Mike Duffy Novice

      The EJB 3.0 Spec in section 10.1.10 states, "The BASIC annotation... can optionally be applied to any instance variable that is not an entity association."

      I have class named "User" that has getters and setters for firstName and lastName and also has a method getDisplayName() which simply returns the firstName and lastName combined (this is convenient for a JSTL tag).

      Now, JSTL does not allow direct access to methods, so I need to use a getter; however, if the getter is in an EJB 3.0 entity bean, at the present time, for the JBoss preview release, it seems that every getter must have an entity association, which means I can't use a utility method with a name that begins with "get" like "getDisplayName()", which means JSTL is limited.

      Does anyone know if it is a correct assuption that the "BASIC" annotation is not yet implemented in JBoss, and that once it is implemented my problem will be solved?