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    MySQL Data Types - Test Case / Tutorial

    Mike Duffy Novice

      I've gone through the MySQL manual and I've created a test case / tutorial that covers all the data types in the manual except for ENUM and SET.

      I am please to report that all the data types work. I have a table that has a column for each data type. I have a bean with fields that map to the columns. I can use EJB 3.0 methods to manage the data in the table.

      As reported in this forum, the BLOB and CLOB data types are not fully implemented. The upper limit for all the BLOB/CLOB types in MySQL (BLOB, TEXT, MEDIUMBLOB, MEDIUMTEXT, LONGBLOB, LONGTEXT ) seems to be an array size of 32,694 (this is such an odd number; just for curiosity sake, if someone can explain why the limit is 32,694, I'd appreciate it).

      Also, it seems that this 32,694 limit is for reads (the writes go beyond this value).

      Can anyone give me some guidance as to who I should contact at JBOSS regarding this tutorial?