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    reflexive relationship

    The FreeCake Newbie

      I have 1 to n relation in my EntityBean(Company to Persons, JBoss 3.0 use CMR )
      and there will have more than 10000 persons in one Company

      when i create a person i will add to company
      but i find JBoss will call SQL to find all Person when i get Collection
      and it will wast a lot of time(in JDBC i just only set the foreign key, it is very fast)

      code is like:
      Company theCompany=CompanyHome.finByXX(...);
      Person thePerson=PersonHome.create(...);
      Collection thePersons=theCompany.getPersons();
      //there will have a SQL call like-->
      //SELECT primaryId from PERSON
      //where PERSON.company = ?


      In JBoss (or EJB)
      Is container always execute SQL when i get Collection??( there may be some setting i dont know)
      or is there any other way can fast build the relationship ??

      Thanks a lot