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    Hibernate 3

    Jens Elkner Apprentice


      I'm just starting to evaluate JBoss4 and to get into touch with the new EJB3/Hibernate3 features. After digging around, I finally found out, that 4.0.1 does not work
      with EJB3 (would be nice, if this would be explicitly mentioned in the HowtoS). So,
      so I build the package with 4.0.1RC1. Looking at it I have the following questions:

      1) There is a deploy/jboss-hibernate.deployer/... directory, which has a hibernate2.jar (can't find out, which version :() in it. Since it does not support MySQLInnoDBDialect, can I just replace
      cglib-full-2.0.1.jar, hibernate2.jar, odmg-3.0.jar with the jars from hibernate 3 to have InnoDB support ? At least in theory it should not make a big difference, since hibernate 3 should be hibernate 2 compatible.

      2) To have MySQLInnoDB support, is it sufficient to just set <type-mapping>mySQLInnoDB</type-mapping> in the mysql-ds.xml (set it to the DefaultDS) file, or do I need to change something else (e.g. standardjaws.xml, standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml)?

      3) Somewhere I've read, that JBoss has its own Transaction system. Does it mean, that AS apps transactions are not necessaryly use the DBs native XA support - i.e. if none AS apps access the DB, they may see (worst case) another state than the AS apps?