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    RuntimeMBeanException when accessing EJBs through web browse

    Gonzalo Rodriguez Newbie

      First of all I wanted to say hi to you all.
      I'm new here, I came looking for documentation and software for a class I have to impart about EJBs, and I've found a couple problems I hope you can help me fix.
      I installed JBoss 4.0.1-RC1, Apache Ant and JBoss EJB3.0-Preview 2. I started JBoss with run.sh -c all and used ant to try the Calculator Example (Stateless bean). When I use "ant -run" (console mode) it seems to work OK but when I try to access through the web browser (I've tried Firefox & Konqueror) and invoke the main method it gives me "RuntimeMBeanException". Does anyone know what can I do to fix it? Thanks in advance.

      PS: By the way, when I start JBoss it says it have a problem with SOAP (org/apache/axis/AxisFault). Is it normal? Can it be somehow related to my problem? Thanks again :-)