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    Are Hibernate's more advanced features intended to coexist w

    Mark Auburn Newbie

      To aid me in planning for the future, I'm curious as to whether the expectation is that JBoss' implementation of EJB3.0 (on top of Hibernate 3.0) will allow the developer to access and change the various configuration options that are available in Hibernate but don't appear to be part of the EJB3.0 spec.

      It looks easy enough to change the hibernate.properties file, but I'm not sure if there's intended to be a way for change class-level declarations. For example, if I wanted to use Hibernate's more advanced generated id options, or the cascade option of "all-delete-orphan", or outer join fetching, can I do that while using EJB3.0?

      I'd like to use EJB3.0 for an application redesign, but I'm concerned that if I run into design issues or performance problems that would be solved by Hibernate's features, I'd have to trash the EJB3.0-style declarations and move wholesale to Hibernate's.

      - Mark