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    Dynamic columnGrouping

    Ze Manel Newbie

      It's possible using richfaces to create a dataTable with dynamic columnGrouping?
      I.E. when i click in a column header it expands/collapses, grouping/disgrouping columns, changing colspans/rowspans/breakBefore

      Part of my xhtml table:

      <f:facet name="header">
       <rich:column rowspan="3">#{a.b} </rich:column>
       <rich:column colspan="12">#{b.c}</rich:column>
       <rich:column colspan="3" breakBefore="true">#{c.d[0]}
       <rich:column colspan="3">#{c.d[1]}</rich:column>
       <rich:column colspan="3">#{c.d[2]}</rich:column>
       <rich:column colspan="3">#{c.d[3]}</rich:column>
       <rich:column breakBefore="true">#{e.f[0]}</rich:column>

      Basically what i need is a reRender of the table associated with action listeners, but for this this column headerrows need to be specified at java beans.

      I know this is possible with normal columns, without any grouping, at least in ICEFaces, but with columnGrouping i have no idea how to set the header structure throw action listeners

      Any help/ideas are welcome :)