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    hibernate.cfg.xml file and Hibernate MBean

    Mark Auburn Newbie

      I haven't used Hibernate earlier, before trying to test our app with the EJB3.0 preview versions, so hopefully this isn't a naive question...

      The Hibernate documentation talks about a hibernate.cfg.xml file that offers more capabilities than the hibernate.properties file - in particular, it allows you to specify class-cache and collection-cache attributes, which would hopefully allow me to use the second-level cache. I tried creating one and putting it in the usual META-INF directory, and it was ignored. Is there any way to make it to be read, or an alternative way to specify the class-cache and collection-cache attributes?

      Second, the Hibernate documentation talks about a MBean that displays statistics on the second-level cache. I looked at the JMX console, in particular at HARDeployer and EJB3Deployer, and anything else that looked relatve to Hibernate or EJB3, and didn't see anything related to statistics, even though my hibernate.properties file had:
      in addition to the other second-level cache attributes. Am I simply missing something or does this functionality just not exist yet?


      - Mark