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    Manuel Beyeler Newbie

      I know they are not adressed specifically in the current draft, but does the Preview_4 already support diffenent Isolation-levels for transactions?

      I really need some transactions to process in the serializable-isolation level. Of course I can change the Isolation-level on the datasource but this is not the prefered solution, because this will make all transactions serializable.

      An other solution may be, to use somethink like "SELECT ... FOR UPDATE". Hibernate has implemented such a feature. Is there anything similar in EJB 3.0?


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          Bill Burke Master

          JDBC isolation level is configured at the JBoss datasource/connection pool level.

          We will have Hibernate-specific annotations and XML metadata that you can use to do these additional things like "select...for update" and locking.


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            Manuel Beyeler Newbie

            Do you know what is coming up in the "Isolation Level" section of the draft (2.8.6 in the draft 2). Will there be something possible like SELECT ... FOR UPDATE?

            I think this is a essential feature that should be covered somehow by the standard and should not depend on JBoss specific features. Even though it is nice to hear that JBoss will support it anyway :)