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    Unit Testing

    wesleyhall Newbie


      What is the situation for EJB 3.0 unit testing? Are we back in cactus territory here (will cactus even work?)?

      It seems that testing outside of the app server is a goal that is getting closer with EJB 3.0 but there are a few remaining hurdles (such as the dependancy injection services).

      Anyone unit testing their EJB 3.0 applications? What works? What doesnt work?


      Wez Hall

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          Juraj Holtak Newbie

          oracle has its own EJB3 testing framework for testing outside the container, which actually is very simple

          dunno if it can be applicated to on apps written for jboss, but similar software for jboss is just a mkatter of time

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            Bill Burke Master

            We'll have an out-of-container EntityManager implementation soon.

            Otherwise JBoss has some nice extensions to JUnit that unfortunately we haven't documented yet.

            BUT...if you checkout CVS and look in the EJB3 project you'll see it in action. Specifically



            all the tests under test/src/...

            The JBossTestCase class allows you to specify archives you want deployed before the test runs and will automatically delete them when they are finished. I've been trying to get somebody at Jboss to package and document our JUnit stuff....Looks like I'll just have to do it myself...

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              shin sangho Newbie


              "bill.burke@jboss.com" wrote:
              We'll have an out-of-container EntityManager implementation soon.

              can i get out-of-container EntityManager implementation in this time?

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                Bill Burke Master

                If you just want an EntityManager, go to www.hibernate.org.