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    Hash is not a constructor

    Robert Stone Newbie

      I'm using latest Richfaces 3.2.0.SR1 release in myfaces/facelets app. All pages are XHTML. I tried rich modal panel and it works just fine. However when I try to put a simpleTogglePanel anywhere on the page it is rendered OK but I see the following error message in the firebug

      Hash is not a constructor
      inspect()a4j_3_2_0.SR1-SNA... (line 57)
      initialize(Object userGroupRoleForm:addRolesPanel=Object)a4j_3_2_0.SR1-SNA... (line 55)
      add(Object panelId=userGroupRoleForm:addRolesPanel)simpleTogglePanel... (line 15)
      [Break on this error] return toQueryPair(key,values);}).join('&');},inspect:function(){return'#<Hash:{...
      Line 57

      Then if I click on toggle icon it issues another error (and it doesn't hide the panel)
      this.panels.get(panelId) has no properties
      Line 19
      toggleOnClient(click clientX=0, clientY=0, "userGroupRoleForm:addRolesPanel")simpleTogglePanel... (line 19)
      onclick(click clientX=0, clientY=0)login.faces (line 1)
      [Break on this error] SimpleTogglePanelManager.toggleOnClient=function(event,panelId){this.panels.get(...

      Here's panel code
      <rich:simpleTogglePanel id="addRolesPanel" switchType="client" label="Assign Roles and Groups">