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    PanelMenu and Safari 3.1.1

    Ben Kersten Newbie


      im using RichFaces 3.1.5 and a PanelMenu for navigation. It is working in almost any browser, also working in Safari 3.0.4 but not in Safari 3.1.1 (neither Mac OS nor Windows Safari). No problems in FF2, IE6, IE7, etc. PanelMenu mode is set to AJAX and I defined actions in an MB (to navigate or do different stuff). I debugged and the breakpoint at the beginning of the MB method is not even reached when using Safari 3.1.1, so probably an issue with Safari-3.1.1's AJAX Request? Anyone else encountered this problem or even got a solution?
      Here an code snippet:

       <rich:panelMenu mode="ajax" selectedChild="#{MyMB.sc}" iconItemPosition="none">
       <rich:panelMenuGroup id="inn" label="#{msg.menu_inn}" action="#{MyMB.doSth}" expandMode="ajax" reRender="contentPanel" styleClass="mainTest" expanded="#{MyMB.exp1}">
       <f:param name="a" value="b"/>
       <rich:panelMenuItem id="prod" label="#{msg.menu_prod}" action="#{MyMB.doSthDifferent}" styleClass="itemTest">
       <f:param name="c" value="d"/>


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          Ben Kersten Newbie

          FYI: it is no form error (of the form surrounding the PanelMenu): if I put a simple

          <h:commandLink value="test" action="#{MyMB.doSth}">
           <f:param name="a" value="b" />

          into that form then the MB method will be called successfully...
          However, any action specified by the action-attribute of the panelMenuGroup or panelMenuItem tag is NOT triggered (or at least not reaching the server).
          Also replaced a4j:form with h:form without success.

          Any hints?