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    EntityManager - loading a bunch of records with .persist wit

    Grzegorz Knapczyk Newbie

      I need to import data from tab seperated text file. Each row is one record - ArchiveTr7Record

      public class ArchiveTr7Record implements java.io.Serializable

      I have implemented the following business method within @Stateless bean:

      public class ArchiveTr7DAOBean implements ArchiveTr7DAO {
       @Inject private EntityManager em;
       boolean importTabSeperatedFile(String importFile)
       // openning input file
       String l = lineReader.readLine();
       while (l != null) {
       ArchiveTr7Record rec = parseRecord(l);
       if (rec!=null)
       l = lineReader.readLine();
       return true;

      When I execute method importTabSeperatedFile:
       ArchiveTr7DAO archiveTr7 = (ArchiveTr7DAO) ctx.lookup(ArchiveTr7DAO.class.getName());
       archiveTr7.importTabSeperatedFile( fileName );

      The data are not flushed to the database within the loop, and finally the JBOSS server is OutOfMemory! How should I implement it?