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    @Inject EntityContext ctx; --> doesn't work

    Warg Krumpf Newbie

      I'm trying to inject the EntityContext into my EntityBeans, so i could fill some audit-fields with the current principal.

      @Inject EntityContext ctx;

      However ctx is always null, the inject actually never happens.
      Is there something special with EntityBeans? Cause @Inject SessionContext works fine in SessionBeans....



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          Darko Krizic Newbie

          I think it would make more sense to put this logic into a Session Bean! This is where I use the @Injected EntityManager. Don't forget that Entity Beans are Value Beans and must be fully serializable!

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            Warg Krumpf Newbie

            Serialization is a good point, thx!!
            However, i wanted to achieve something like

            * @jboss.audit-created-by column-name="createdby"
            * @jboss.audit-created-time column-name="createdtime"
            * @jboss.audit-updated-by column-name="updatedby"
            * @jboss.audit-updated-time column-name="updatedtime"

            or are these "annotations" still working in JBoss-EJB3 ??

            Any other ideas on how to implement such audit fields in an EJB3 EntityBean (which chould be inherited to all EntityBeans....)?

            Otherwise i'd have to code it into all "create" / "upadte" methods of the SessionBeans....


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              Darko Krizic Newbie


              Try something like this:

              @Table(name = "xuser")
              public class User implements Serializable, Displayable {

              public class GenericEntityLogger {

              public void doPostPersist( Object o ) {
              Logger log = Logger.getLogger( o.getClass() );
              log.info("Persisted " + o.getClass().getSimpleName() + " [" + o.toString() + "]");

              The method doPostPersist should be the right place to modify your fields!

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                Warg Krumpf Newbie


                i know about the pre/post update/persist listeners. What i want to do is to save the pricipal.getName() of the current EntitContext, so i can trace who modified/created the entity.

                Is it possible to inject EntitContext or SessionContext into "GenericEntityLogger?

                • 5. Found a solution for auditing.... and maybe some bugs..
                  Warg Krumpf Newbie


                  found a quick (and dirty?) solution for my problem:
                  Since "@Inject SessionContext" is working in sessionbeans i wrote a SessionBeanInterceptor and upon every call to any "DAO" method I store the current SessionContext in a "static singleton" Map, using Thread.currentThread().getId() as the key. A few processor cycles later in my entitybean's "@prePersist" / "@preUpdate" methods i'm able to retrieve the sessioncontext out of the map by using again the thread's Id.

                  But why is there "javax.ejb.EntityContext" in EJB3 when there's no way to access it? Or is this a JBoss-EJB3 bug?

                  Another thing looks "bug-suspect":
                  My DAO sessionbeans all inherit from "MyAbstractSession". When in annotate this "BaseSession" with
                  "@Interceptors ({"de.eyetea.entity.PropagateSessionContextInterceptor"})"
                  this annotation is NOT inherited to the actual sessionbeans, instead i have to annotate each actual sessionbean instead.
                  However my entitybeans all inherit from "MyBaseEntity" which is annotated with "@EntityListener("de.eyetea.smartea.entity.AuditorEntityListener") "
                  ,and in this case all inheritig entitybeans call the listener without having to annotate each an every entitybean.
                  Why is it that "@EntityListener" is inherited, "@Interceptors" is not??

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                    Roman Newbie

                    I made

                    public static EntityManager entity_manager;
                    public static TimerService timerService;

                    in stateless session bean and access them from
                    entity as any statics:
                    my.some.pkg.Stateless.entity_manager ...
                    But there is another problem I encounter: timer.getHandle() throws exception: "java.lang.IllegalStateException: Cannot obtain inMethodFlag for: Timer.getHandle"
                    anybody suggest workaround?

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                      Bill Burke Master

                      you cannot inject into a static field

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                        Roman Newbie

                        Forbidden by specification? :)
                        It works with EJB3_Preview5+jbossAS 4.0.2
                        in stateless bean.
                        I don't know how, but it works!