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    considering about local and remote instance ...

    Lukasz C Newbie


      Maybe example:
      I have got class Person (might be entity):

      public class Person implements java.io.Serialization {
       Strnig name;
       public Person(string name) { this.name=name; }

      And I have got Stateless bean with one method:
      void changeName(Person p, String name) {

      Ok and I do something like this:
      MyStatelessBean msb = ctx.lookup(..);
      Person p = new Person("flower");
      System.out.println(p.getName()); // [stdout] flower
      System.out.println(p.getName()); // [stdout] flower

      Ok, so ..
      I calling changeName(p,"...") ...
      application serialized p and sent it to application server (AS)
      AS convert serialized data into p' instance
      AS change p' instance
      calling was end and AS _didn't_ send back p` instance.

      Consequently in client side , p wasn't changing.

      Shouldn't they replace local p instance by p' ?