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    Problem with Injection

    Denis Souza Newbie


      I'm having a problem when injecting a stateless bean into another stateless bean.

      If I declare the injection as:

       @Inject(jndiName = "my.package.MyStatelessBean")
       private MyStatelessBean bean;

      it works fine.

      But if I omit the jndiName parameter, it looks up a different jndi name which seems to be the same as the field's name. I get an exception such as:

      Unable to @Inject jndi dependency: bean into field private my.package.MyStatelessBean my.package.OtherStatelessBean.bean of class my.package.MyStatelessBean

      Is this a bug?
      I'm using EJB 3 Preview 5 and JBOSS 4.0.2RC1