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    Data not getting written to database

    Brian Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm testing my new application and when I call a method in my session facade, it creates an object but I don't see it persisted in the database.

      Do I have to set some parameter to get stuff actually written to the database? I have no transaction demarkation around my session facade methods - do I need any?

      thanks for the help,


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          Brian Newbie

          Got this working finally. Think that it was the hibernate.properties file not liking up properly with the transaction manager.

          Just for information sake, if anyone could tell me, or point me to the right place that explains what options I have with transactions and how/when they are committed to the database.

          For example, I've read before that hibernate can be very finely tuned as to when info gets written to the database. How do we do this with ejb3?