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    EJB3 session beans and applets

    Peter Salomonsen Newbie

      What is the best way to access an ejb3 session bean from an applet? Is there a way?

      The applet has to be unsigned (meaning that it is downloaded from the webserver, and the web server holds the ejb3 endpoint). Only accesible port on the j2ee server should be port 80, and the communication might also go through a http proxy server. And finally - the applet should be really really lightweight, so no heavy communication frameworks should be added.

      These are the alternatives as I see:

      1. Will a normal EJB client setup do (with initialcontext and so on)? That would be wonderful.
      2. Use web services (but this is a bad idea due to that the frameworks are too heavy (too big for an applet) - or does anyone know a user-friendly lightweight soap framework for applets?)
      3. Create a custom http proxy servlet that wrap the request and response to a http friendly data chunk, and that this servlet is the real ejb3 client.
      4. Any best practice on this subject?


      Peter Salomonsen