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    Error with IE 7 and Ajax

    Praveen Mohan Mohanan Newbie


      We are getting an error message (Line : 375 Error : Object expected)
      in one of the screen when the user hits a button :
      <input id="_idJsp0:clientcode" name="_idJsp0:clientcode" type="text" value="648" maxlength="5" size="5" class="FrmNormalType" tabindex="1" onblur="A4J.AJAX.Submit('_idJsp0:reg1','_idJsp0',event,{'eventsQueue':'clicodequeue','parameters':{'_idJsp0:cn':'_idJsp0:cn'} ,'actionUrl':'/eFiling/jsp/forms/searchHR.jsf','ignoreDupResponses':true} )" />

      When I debugged it using MS debugger , Here is the line that I get error

      <input id="_idJsp0:_idJsp25" name="_idJsp0:_idJsp25" type="submit" value=" &lt;&lt; Search &gt;&gt;" onclick="if(typeof window.clearFormHiddenParams__idJsp0!='undefined'){clearFormHiddenParams__idJsp0('_idJsp0');}if(typeof window.getScrolling!='undefined'){oamSetHiddenInput('_idJsp0','autoScroll',getScrolling());}" class="FormSubmit" />

      This works fine in IE 6 , Firefox etc. and was also working in the earlier version on IE 7.