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    ENC for the EAR?

    Bill Burke Master

      A user brought up an interesting point that

      a) He like the new JNDI EAR scoping rules for EJBs

      b) He had no nice way of determining the EAR's name.

      He gave the idea of creating an EAR ENC, is this something we should think about? This would require changes us to add a servlet filter and interceptor to EJB to push/pop the EAR's ENC, but I think it would be a positive change.


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          Scott Stark Master

          I don't agree with an ear jndi context. All that is needed is an expansion of the existing component jboss specific contexts like the java:comp/env/security one providing access to deployment info outside of j2ee.

          We should define a java:comp/jboss context and what gets linked to this to provide more access to the DeploymentInfo type of metadata.

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            Scott Stark Master

            There should also be a stable api for this info as the enc is not the best integration api. I should be able to access this info independent of a live component in the context of a request with the proper enc.